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You've decided on forever, now let them decide the rest...

Unless your partner has taken you by the arm and pointed out exactly what engagement ring they would like, spending that amount of money on something they haven't seen can be quite daunting. More and more often, would-be proposers are opting to propose with a placeholder ring or a "MockRock" in order to allow their partner to choose the perfect ring for themselves. 

The aim of a MockRock is to give you and your fiancé/fiancée that special moment without blowing your budget on something you're unsure of. When you get down on one knee and open that box, your fiancé/fiancée should be none the wiser, in that moment, that the ring you are placing on their finger is only a placeholder. 

Our goal at MockRock is for your fiancé/fiancée to have no idea that the ring you are proposing with is a token ring until you tell him/her. 

At MockRock, we ensure that all our rings are of the highest quality using Silver 925 and beautifully cut flawless AAA cubic zirconia. 

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